Theodore Ishimwe is a professional filmmaker with over 10 years’ experience in filmmaking. graduated from film schools, His professional journey as a filmmaker started in Kampala Uganda where he graduated with an advanced diploma in filmmaking from Kampala University.

His journey includes working as freelancer on the different project as a camera operator, editor, sound recordist and gaffer in Uganda. later he joined EAUR university where he graduated with the first grade in the department and graduate with a bachelor of filmmaking and film production.

 His education journey continues where he was trained in ICT from Soongsil University in South Korea Seoul then he went to master compositing and visual effect from Dongseo University in South Korea, Busan.

He conducted different training in different schools across East Africa and has been a festival speaker and judge at a different film festival in Africa. Currently. The CEO of the KFTV group. Kftv is made of 4 different company include Kigali Film and Television schoolKFTV studioKFTV Casting Center and KFTV Distribution.

Theodore is a lecturer at IPRC KIGALI in digital media production and a content developer of RDB working under ICT INNOVATION CENTER. He is the member of Rwanda Film Federation Board and the vice president of Rwanda operator union(RFO) a union of all film technician in Rwanda.

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